Thursday, October 8, 2009

Visitors in Ramadan

Ramadan is sometimes described as a visitor, whose end is described as a very sad departure. For many residents of NYC, the guest also included visiting imaams and leaders from other parts of the world. The taraweeh prayers in 96th street for example, was led as it is every year, by a visiting sheik of Egypt. The friends at the 14th street Medina Mosque, had the services of a visiting sheik-ul-hadith from Bangladesh.

I found this advertisement for the daily program of a luminary of India, Moulana Palanpuri from Deoband. I was not fortunate to meet him, but I am sure that his leaving was met with sadness by his congregation. I also include a link to the website of the mosque community that hosted the sheik.

Salat/Namaz times in New York City

Second in the short series of ramadan articles, is this picture of salat/prayer times. The picture was taken in the middle of Ramadan at the 29th street mosque (5th Avenue and Broadway), also known as Musjid ur Rahman.

Times vary greatly from mosque to mosque, with some opting for a start to Isha/Esha much later than others.

In fact, I met a taxi driver who said that taxi drivers had arranged a special facility for Isha/Esha and taraweeh prayers somewhere in Queens (Northern Boulevard?) which started at 1am, after the taxi drivers shift for the nite was over. What a great idea.

Ramadan in NYC

Ramadan is over. This blog has not been too active. Let me try to revive it over the next few days with a few interesting entries.

The first is the range of interesting activities in Ramadan in NYC. On the 'big night' of the 27th Ramadan, muslims are out in very large numbers to pray and worship and local mosques prepare for this special event usually by organising that the khatme-kuraan in taraweeh takes place on the same nite, and also that special services are planned for that evening until the pre-dawn Sehri/Soohor meal.

At the 96th street mosque in Manhattan, the programme ran through the night, with a large crowd in attendance, with a brother accepting Islam and taking his shahadat, and also many women and children in the mosque.

The program (picture alongside) gives you an idea of what was planned. I didn't stay for the evening, but it looked very promising, although the program was running an hour late, without much explanation for the delay.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Manhattan mosque - Allen Street

I picked up news about construction of a new mosque in Manhattan. Alhamdulillah.

The mosque which looks like it is an expansion of the existing Allen Street prayer facility, is going to be a new 6 story mosque. According to the pamphlet, construction started on 29 March.

The address of the new mosque is 172 Elridge Street, NYC, NY, 10002

For more details please see this link, where you can also find details to donate to this project.

"Whover builds a Masjid for Allah (SWT), Allah will build a palace for him in Jannah."

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday message

The visiting priest presented a message on choice. We all have a choice, and must exercise that right to do good, or bad, pray or not pray, help or not help, support or not support, etc.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Series - Mosques of New York City and environs - No.1

The most notable centre of the muslim faith in New York City, and the busiest is the Islamic Cultural Centre of New York. The mosque is generally known by locals and visitors alike as the 96th street mosque, describing its location at the intersection of 96th street and 3rd avenue.

The mosque building is an oasis of religion, in a desert of high rise commercial and residential towers. Its most awe-inspiring physical features, are the impressive minaret, grand prayer hall, and dome.

You can find more info on, including directions to the mosque at this link.

Note that the main prayer hall is not always open. The lower prayer hall (more convenient and accessible) is usually open all the time.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Andalusia school

Imam made an announcement today about this school in Yonkers today.
They are hosting a fund raiser Saturday 2 May 2009
Unfortunately, no info about the fund-raiser on the web-site. (computer studies department ;-))

This is a link to their web-site.

Summary of sermon - 24 April 2009

The respected sheik promised the audience that his lecture would be unusual. He did not disappoint, and covered mainly the theme of Earth Day and the environment, and drew teh congregations attention to the linkages between man's deeds (not just actions) and the reaction of the earth and environment to it. Some key points (not the whole story):

- borders of the world are man-made. Why? (not sure of link to topic)
- why do Saudi imams not visit Al-Aqsa to lead prayers. The pope goes to jerusalem. (again not sure of link to topic)

- We are inheritors of the earth
- the earth and us can be stroyed with our sin
- we sin against the earth
- it is ok to talk of green issues, but we need to talk about our offense to the owner of the earth (Allah)
- We can find fire at an iron-smith, but you can also find it at a cotton mill (so,..?)
- In Sura Yaseen, we are told to establish cities (mustakaroo), but you will leave the cities behind
- Hadith (nearest meaning) : If a muslim plants a tree, whoever eats from it you will get sadakah
- Hadith (nearest meaning) : If you build house without haram money and energy(labor), then continuous reward as long as it is in use, even as a landlord

Friday, April 24, 2009

Story about prayers at the UN in Arab News

I came across this article about prayers at the United Nations. Not a recent story, but interesting.

Monday, April 20, 2009

ICNA relief USA fundraising dinner

Two weeks ago some brochures were distributed at Jumma.

I am putting them online for your convenience.

They are also available at these links:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jumma at the United Nations

Namaaz salat at the UN United Nations

If you are visiting the United Nations Headquarters in NY, then this information may be helpful if you need a place to pray on a Friday.

  • Prayers take place between approx 1.10 pm and 2pm every Friday. (The time does not change per season, nor does it change for daylight saving time).
  • Prayer accomodation is provided for men and women.
  • There are no convenient facilities for wudhu/washing, so use one of the public washrooms
  • Prayers start with azaan at about 115pm.
  • There are then the regular two sermons (delivered in English)
  • There is a roster of different speakers each week
  • The venue is accessible from the third floor staircase above the library building (Dag Hammarsjkold Library). Prayers take place on the fourth floor.
  • For access for ladies, you will need to go up to the third level, then walk down the passage to use the rear staircase to go up to the fourth floor.
  • Hope this helps.
  • Jumma mubarak

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ahlan Wasahlan

Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem,

Welcome to the first post on the blog dedicated to chronicle the friday jumma prayer activities at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The purpose of the blog is primarily to provide information to residents and visitors alike, to share information, to provide reports, and to encourage the activity of the community, insha-Allah.

Please provide comments on the blog, with ideas and suggestions of what you would like to see reported.
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